Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to view a blog slideshow

Our friend Wayne figured out how to upload slideshow images and provides us with these directions on viewing.

A slideshow of small thumbnails runs automatically on the blog. Rolling the mouse over a thumbnail causes a slideshow control panel to appear below the thumbnail.

Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a Picasa web page (in a new window) that shows an enlarged view of the thumbnail. From there, you can view the images one at a time by clicking on the next or previous buttons.

If you click View Album at the left end just above the large image, you get a thumbnail view of all the images in the album.

Clicking on Slideshow at the left end above the thumbnails gives an automatically running slideshow with original-sized images. (Press Esc to get out of it.)

Moving the mouse anywhere causes a control panel to appear before the large image. You can pause, adjust dwell time, etc.

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