Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Barrier Island Center News

Friend Wayne got a new camera and has been having lots of fun with it! He and Julie visited the Barrier Island Center the other day, and he shares these new pix with us. This first one shows the beautiful sweep of the exhibits. This perspective is from the back looking towards the entrance.

(Photos courtesy of Wayne Matchett)

This is a great view of the scale and turtle exhibits. One or more folks can stand on the scale and see their combined weight in comparison to that of a sea creature. (This is probably less intimidating to children than it is to those of us that still have ten pounds to drop before we're the perfect weight.)

Dawn Witherington's detailed artwork never ceases to amaze me.

Leslie (Barrier Island Center Education and Volunteers Manager) says the camp is full, but there are still some turtle watch openings for the last part of July. Call the Center for reservations - 321-723-3556.

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