Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tour de Turtles, Emerging Hatchlings - A Good Day!

Big doings at the Barrier Island Center today with the release of Belle O'Brevard, one of eight sea turtles outfitted with tracking devices and released in various locations by the Caribbean Conservation Corporation in an adventure titled Tour de Turtles. Wayne took some 164 photos, some of which will be assembled into a slide show on here, but meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy his photo of Belle as she exits the box she had been penned in since being caught last night. No, the stuff on her back is not blood - it is the expoxy used to mount the transmitter on her back. The Tour de Turtles website link above will provide tracking information on Belle, a 350 pound Loggerhead, as she goes in search of a good feeding ground. It was indeed a cool moment on a hot morning when Belle made her way into the waves - a standing ovation and big smiles on a lot of faces. (Photo by Wayne Matchett)

Some innovative children made this beautiful sand turtle while waiting for Belle's release. Notice the detail. There were even tracks (but people kept walking on them) and some sand eggs! (Photo by Marge Bell)
Friend Margie from Cocoa Beach sent some remarkable photos of a daytime emergence (for the non-turtle folks, an emergence is turtles hatching and working their way out of the sand nest, an interesting process in itself). That will be the subject of a posting this weekend.

All in all, a good day for turtles in Brevard County.


Amanda said...

Aww I would have loved to have been there to see that. Thank you for all you do for the beaches of Florida and the animals that call it home.

Anonymous said...

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