Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Raining Catfish!

Tropical Storm Fay is really something - 20 inches of rain reported over the past two days, and flooding has turned into a major concern. We worry about the effects on the area's critters, of course. When I get reports from our intrepid beach reporters, I'll certainly post them right away.

Meanwhile, taking time off from building his ark, our friend Ed Perry sent us these photos of a walking catfish visiting his neighborhood. Here is Ed's description of the event:

This is a walking catfish; exotic in Florida (not supposed to be here). They have been walking/swimming up and down my street the last two days. I am flooded-in today; was expected to go to work, but cannot get through the roads, had to turn around and come back home--couldn't even go a mile and now that is even under water.

Walking catfish move around from pond to pond, ditch to ditch when it is wet and rainy. They can live out of the water quite a while and use this advantage to expand their population areas.

Here's a link to a video that Ed took of this critter.

(Photo courtesy of Ed Perry - knowing Ed, he was holding the camera with one hand and the catfish with the other.)

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