Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Turtle Talk and Beach News

According to this morning's Florida Today's story, Belle o' Brevard has not surfaced since high-tailing it out of Melbourne Beach Thursday morning, so her transmitter has not made contact with its satellite. Since it appears that she was captured Wednesday night after a false crawl (came on to the beach but did not lay eggs), we don't blame her for being a little uncooperative! The eighth (final) turtle was released yesterday in Vero Beach. Remember, you can follow the turtle paths at

The Ocean Conservancy folks were in town the other day to tag some turtles, and reported a very satisfactory trip. Wander around their website if you have a chance - lots going on, lots of information. Our ocean critters are lucky to have folks like this looking out after them.

Brevard's beaches got some good news this week - the annual Natural Resources Defense Council reported that our surf tested clean more than 1,600 times in the last 18 months, and no beaches were closed because of health fears. Again - good stuff on their website, so follow the link if you have a moment.

Working on the Belle o' Brevard release slide show, Margie Mitchell's daytime hatchling emergence, and Ann's video of a turtle returning to the ocean.

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