Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rescued Hatchlings Update

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay, Ann Zscheile reports that yesterday, she and Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS) colleague Nancy Yates met and counted all the little hatchlings to be transported to the Marine Science Center (MSC) at Ponce Inlet. After collecting 47 more turtles from Adrienne in Cape Canaveral, Dori Hughes and Ann headed north with 407 loggerhead hatchlings and 3 green turtle hatchlings. Unfortunately 38 of the hatchlings didn't survive the 2-3 days in the office.

Nancy Yates has had a busy week - she is the STPS permit holder for strandings and has been coordinating the rescue team all week, answering numerous pages all day and into the night. Meanwhile, Dave Hochberg covered the calls coming into the office.
This highlights the need in Brevard County for some sort of turtle hospital - as Ann says:

"Brevard Co has approximately 40% of loggerhead nesting for the
whole state and accounts for a large number of strandings for the
state. It would seem that this area would be a logical place to
have a sea turtle triage/emergency room/rescue center. Transporting turtles is costly and is not always in the best interest of the turtles whose needs may be urgent."


Cactus Jack Splash said...

This is a great site!

Amanda said...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time in Florida and the poor little turtles are so lucky to have you all on their side. GREAT JOB!!!