Sunday, September 14, 2008

Matagorda Update

Good news! In yesterday's posting, we spoke of sea-bean symposium friends in Matagorda, hoping that they were escaping the worst of Hurricane Ike. It's Sunday evening, and we've received the following email from them: "...we are now back home after evacuating, and gratitude does not begin to express how we feel - we dodged the bullet here. Were worried that Mike's shop and the apartment would flood, as it is only at 6 feet elevation, but the water just missed and all is well. Now we are watching the devastation where we lived before we moved down here - Galveston County/Clear Lake/Kemah area. Will take me a couple of weeks the way I feel now to put everything back where it was before we packed up and headed out, but I am so grateful I'm not dealing with flooded living quarters! See you in October!!!!"


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