Saturday, September 13, 2008

News from Florida's South Gulf Coast

As we watch the news, our thoughts are with those in Texas getting the brunt of Hurricane Ike. We have sea-bean friends in Matagorda, and we're anxious to hear that they are safe.

Curious as to the effects of Ike on Florida as he moved through the Gulf, I asked David McRee, aka BeachHunter , what was going on at the beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast. He sent this report, plus a couple of photos.

"Tides here have been running about 3 feet above normal for several days and the surf has been in the 5 to 8 foot range. Attached is a photo I took of a surfer on Anna Maria Island yesterday. The water in the finger canals has been coming out of the banks and onto the roadways, in some places a foot deep. Many roads are nearly impassable on some parts of some islands. Can you imagine if the storm was actually heading toward us? I feel sorry for anyone in Galveston that thinks they are going to ride this one out. No way. Some large moon jellies have been washing up here in St. Pete, and I found both halves of a large sunray venus clam two days ago (photo attached). That doesn't happen often. Lots of parchment worm tubes tangled up with algae in the wrack, and some flotsam. Pen shells, broken whelks and tulips washing up too."

David is not only BeachHunter, he is the Beach and Surf Expert for . We are absolutely delighted with his recent review of our Florida Beach Basics - The Space Coast - as the saying goes, "He got it!" Be sure to read the review, and wander around in the rest of his blog as well. (Photos courtesy of David McRee. Click to enlarge.)

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