Friday, September 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

We dodged most of another bullet today when TS Hanna went along our coastline far enough away that all we got was some wind, a couple of inches of rain, and some fierce wave action. There have been rip current warnings posted all week, and thus far, most folks seem to be paying attention - at least I have not heard of any drownings in the last couple of days. Our friend Margie sent these photos that she took today, as Hanna was passing far offshore. Somehow, this first one reminds me of a beer commercial (click to enlarge - you'll see what I mean).

So far, I haven't gotten any turtle reports, and Alice reports that although we have a lot of wrack, there is not an unusual number of sea-beans.
I think this is what the poets mean when they speak of an "angry ocean"! We thank Margie for venturing out and for sending us these wonderful photos. (Photos courtesy of Margie Mitchell)

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