Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The unruly ocean has provided us with beaches full of lovely wrack. If you've watched our Florida Beach Basics - The Space Coast, you'll recall that we use Blair and Dawn Witherington's definition of wrack - "Lengthy piles of floating marine stuff that has washed in with the tide." So far, thanksfully, there have been very few washbacks (post-hatchling sea turtles) in this seaweed. There have been reports of a few sea-beans, and Margie Mitchell found a beautiful Mary's Bean that will be the subject of tomorrow night's posting. Thanks to Connie Meihofer for sending us this excellent illustration of wrack.

Ann Zscheile wants folks to know that seaweed is good for the beach for several reasons. "It adds nutrients (food) to the beach and also helps it rebuild and "renourish" itself. It is the best and least expensive form of "renourishment." I have heard people talk about raking the seaweed up and also of collecting it and removing it from the beach. Beachside residents should be grateful for the seaweed, as it not only helps the beach, it often brings us unexpected treasures." To illustrate the point, she sent this photo taken last year at Hightower Park in Satellite Beach of the beach restabilizing and rebuilding itself naturally over the seaweed.

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