Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early Morning Fishermen, Tour de Turtles Results

Our thanks to Margie Mitchell for this photo of three reddish egrets fishing in the surf. Jim tells me they were probably looking for sand fleas - yummy!

The Caribbean Conservation Corporation e-newsletter reports that Maritime is the first turtle to complete the inaugural Tour de Turtles migration marathon, traveling 3197 kilometers (1987 miles)! The female leatherback was tagged after nesting in Panama, and was sponsored by Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, CT. (Check out their website for an interesting display of jack-0-lanterns.) Our Belle o' Brevard came in at second place, with 1901 meters ( 1181 miles). Way to go, Belle! (Follow the link to see her route to Delaware! In looking at the routes of Maritime and Belle, it's easy to see why Maritime won - he headed straight across the ocean, while she visited friends all the way up to Delaware.)

Little Crush won the Causes Challenge ($3048) - Belle o' Brevard is in second place, having raised $2258 (needs just $242 more to meet the goal, and there is still time to contribute). Belle's cause is awareness of coastal development.

Be sure to visit and mouse over the various turtles - nice animation!

Good job by all involved - CCC, MeGotta (website), and most of all, the turtles!

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am glad the egrets like sand fleas, I sure could do without them although I know they play an important part in the ecosystem.
I never knew that turtles traveled so far!