Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sebastian Inlet State Park Beach Walk

The Sunday after the Sea-Bean Symposium, a motley crew of about a dozen headed south on A1A. After a visit to the Barrier Island Center (Curt was enthralled and in a later email called it "a treasure"), we eased on down to Sebastian Inlet State Park for a beach walk. A beach walk with these inquisitive folks is an adventure - it took us 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot because there was a woodstork on a light post that provided a great photo op! However, now that I see the results in Jim Angy's photo, it was ten minutes well spent. Jim tells us these woodstorks are not actually beach birds, but like to hang out around the inlet and lagoon in hopes that fishermen will throw them a snack.

In Jim's next photo, I'm sure the lady in the beach chair is wondering who are these crazy people and why are they all looking down? They were looking for beans and/or good flotsam, of course. We didn't find too many beans, as Mike and Alan had been there before us and "vacuumed" the beach clean!
However, as you can see in the third photo, finding a spectacular piece of flotsam was pretty easy! (In our Florida Beach Basics - The Space Coast DVD, we differentiate between flotsam and jetsam as follows: jetsam is something that has been thrown into the ocean on purpose – like a message in a bottle. Flotsam typically has NOT been thrown in on purpose.) This weather buoy washed up on the beach about a year ago. Curt has recorded all the serial numbers, etc. and will track down its origin and history, so we'll have a more complete posting on it later. Meanwhile, it makes a great centerpiece for a group photo.

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