Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sea-Bean Symposium, Day 1, Part 1

The 13th Annual Sea-Bean Symposium kicked off Friday morning (October 17) at the Cocoa Beach Library with exhibitors ready to share their knowledge of all things sea-beany, speakers ready to present, and visitors ready to be amazed and amused. The weather was perfect, and given the state of the economy, having something this interesting AND free seemed to be particularly welcome to many.

In the first photo, Ed Perry, Symposium organizer, newsletter editor, and Mr. Sea-Bean, set the stage for the weekend with the first presentation. As you can see in this photo of the audience at Ed's presentation, the Symposium drew sizable, diverse crowds, with standing room only for most talks.
As you might expect, things were pretty hectic, so I have enjoyed looking through my hastily snapped photos and remembering the Symposium ambience. In this third photo, Sam Burnette is arranging the "tribute" display for Cathie Katz, along with Cathie's books. Sam and her husband, Mike, are yearly attendees from Matagorda, and we're so grateful that after Hurricane Ike, they were here safe and sound with us again this year. Next in the photo are Izumi and her husband, Jim Godfrey. We'll talk more about Izumi and Jim in another posting, but suffice it to say, her intricate sea-bean illustrations were greeted with awe and admiration. The fellow behind the end of the table is Blair Witherington. Blair and his wife Dawn are authors of several books, the most recent being Florida's Living Beaches. Blair is a sea turtle expert and research scientist with the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, and you've seen Dawn's beautiful artwork in our postings about the Barrier Island Center. There's a great collection of talent represented in this photo - and this was just a portion of what the Symposium had to offer.
We'll talk about Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer's Friday afternoon presentation in our next posting. Curt introduced us to the world of a "forensic oceanographer" and had the crowd laughing (albeit nervously) and/or groaning with his descriptions of floating heads. But we don't want to get a head of ourselves, so you'll just have to wait for the next posting.

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