Saturday, November 8, 2008

CCC 2009 Calendar Winners Announced

We were delighted to receive news from the Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) announcing the winners in their first Calendar Contest. According to the announcement, "Photographers from around the world submitted beautiful sea turtle images to help show their support for conservation. A panel of CCC judges selected their favorite images from almost 80 entries." The reason for our delight? April, September, and November will feature colleague Jim Angy's photos, and friend Blair Witherington's photo is the July image. We're not sure which of Jim's images were selected, but this photo of a loggerhead is an example of his sea turtle portraiture.

You can purchase your 2009 Sea Turtle Scenes Calendar at the nifty Barrier Island Center gift shop or via CCC's online gift shop. Leslie tells me the Barrier Island Center also has the CCC 2008 holiday ornament.

Congratulations, Jim and Blair!