Monday, November 10, 2008

Veteran's Day 2008

I don't love repetition, but I do value tradition, so I'm looking forward to hosting my Third Annual Veteran's Day lunch tomorrow. Attendees will be former co-worker veteran friends, most of whom I now see only at this luncheon, and it's always such a treat to catch up on their lives and honor their former military service. We hold this luncheon at Loreen's Cafe, which is decorated year-around with flags, red, white, and blue, and anything and everything patriotic! (Eagle photo by Jim Angy, illustration by Matt MacQueen)

In the very early days of the Iraq war, I led an effort of co-workers in supporting a Battalion stationed in Iraq that used equipment manufactured by our employer. We did "parties in a box" - a great NFL Kicks off in Iraq party, as well as Halloween and 4th of July parties. For our Christmas party, a good friend wrote a poem that was featured on the back of the card we inserted into the "goodie bags" - unfortunately, it is as applicable today as it was in 2003.

Not Just Any Soldier
We do not know your name,
It's important, just the same.
This war has a face
And it's yours.
Take care. We care.
Written with love by Judy
November 2003
To all Veterans - we thank you for your service.

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