Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sea Oats

In the Plants and Other Beach Life section of the Florida Beach Basic - The Space Coast DVD, we speak of sea oats. The sea oat has roots that go far down in the sand, and that makes it an important dune stabilizer. It is a protected plant species, and it is illegal to pick it or damage it in any way. (Photo by Jim Angy)

This plant is so critical to our beach habitat that the Brevard County Natural Resources Management Office and Keep Brevard Beautiful, Inc. are collaborating to bring beachside residents the 6th Annual Bargain Sea Oats Sale. While supplies last, you can purchase liner size sea oats in packs of 96 for $48. Paula Berntson of the Natural Resources Management Office sent us this photo so you can see what the pack of 96 looks like. Plants will be at least 12 inches high. You must order and pay prior to January 30, and pick them up on Saturday, February 7. Planting guidelines and pre-hydrated planting gel will be provided.

Additional information and the order form can be found here.

Here's a "glamour shot" of sea oats, so you can see that indeed, they are as lovely as they are useful. Again, this is a Jim Angy photo. Click to enlarge.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

I think those plants are so nice swaying in the breeze at the beach. Why would people pull the up? Now I could see my horse trying to eat them though.