Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ursula Update

Nearly two weeks ago, we wrote about Sea Turtle Preservation Society volunteers Ann Zscheille and Ursula Dubrick transporting an ailing stranded juvenile green sea turtle to the Marine Science Center (MSC) in Ponce Inlet at night. MSC employee Tammy Langer met them at the Center and started treatment immediately. Ann named the turtle Ursula. Since that time, Tammy has given us updates on Ursula's condition - at one point, she was quite encouraged, but then Ursula took a turn for the worse. This is Tammy's most recent description of condition and treatment: Ursula is still critical and in guarded condition at this time. Her glucose level has not stabilized so we are having to give fluids as necessary. She is still getting tube fed 3 times a day and she is not eating on her own. Her antibiotics continue and she is still in shallow water so that she can push up on her front flippers for a breathe of air if she needs to.

Tammy included the photos shown here. (Just look at that beautiful face!) We owe people like Ann and Ursula (the person) a debt of gratitude for their unceasing efforts on behalf of sea turtles and Tammy, Michelle, and the rest of the crew at MSC for their competent and compassionate care of our critters.
We'll keep you posted.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Hang in there Ursula, please get to feeling better soon. Such a lovely creature.