Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This past Sunday, the New York Times (!) published a book review about friend Curtis Ebbesmeyer's book. It was an interesting review, but not nearly as interesting as Curt, one of life's unforgettable characters.

There is a link to the review at the end of this post, but I suggest you also read the book and watch the videos of Curt on our Florida Beach Basics web site. Curt is a charter member of the Sea-Bean Symposium held every October at the Cocoa Beach Library. He'll be the keynote speaker this year, although after my nightmare following his presentation last year, I have forbidden him to speak of floating heads ever again. (But he probably will anyway.)

New York Times book review
Florida Beach Basics
Sea-Bean Symposium

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Robin Chapman said...

Marge, I heard this guy interviewed on NPR and he's fascinating. Anybody who has every collected things off a beach, lived near a beach, or felt the fun of beachcombing should read it. He's really interesting.