Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

About five years ago, I received an email from somebody named Robin Chapman, inquiring about purchasing some of Jim Angy's photos for a book she was writing (The Absolutely Essential Guide to Orlando). I immediately replied, asking if this was the same Robin Chapman that had been the best news anchor Channel 2 in Orlando ever had. It was, and we've been friends ever since, albeit most of the time electronically. She recently moved from Winter Park to California to be near her aging parents, and that journey has provided new grist for the mill, so to speak - in this case, her blogs.

Robin's blog posts are always good, but for the upcoming Memorial Day, she wrote an exceptional one about the day, its history, and its meaning. Follow the link below to read it, as well as the poignant story about taking her ailing and aging WWII veteran father to see the vintage planes at Moffett Field.
Robin has a collection of vintage postcards, many of which are illustration in her books. She used one of the postcard images shown here for her post, and sent the other two for me to share with you. I love these cards - as she noted, They are from the first half of the 20th century when people could send each other little postcards for a penny with messages such as "We'll be there at 1:00 p.m. on Memorial Day with the salad."
This Memorial Day weekend, we'll honor the heroes that have preserved our freedom and echo the sentiment expressed in Robin's post about her Dad - thank you for your service.
Robin Chapman News (Wander around a little - there's some great stuff in there. Be sure to read/scroll to the bottom of the blog and learn more about her books.)

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Robin Chapman said...

Thanks Marge, for your nice comments. Here's something to bring us full circle back to the wonders of nature in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1942, my father was sent to Ascension Island with the 38th Engineers to build an airfield there.

The first night, the men had to camp on the beach, and during the night, one soldier awoke to find dozens of baby sea turtle, emerging from under his cot.

"Wow," he is reported to have said. "They sure have some big bugs here."