Friday, May 8, 2009

Sea Turtle Success Stories

In our May 2 post, we talked about three sea turtle stranding rescues. The smaller Loggerhead was named Corley in honor of the FWC officer that rescued him. The larger Loggerhead was named Sage, and the little Hawksbill (shown in this photo) was named Nutmeg. Marine Science Center (MSC) employee Tammy (one of our Conservation Heroes) sends us this news about the rescued turtles: Corley originally stranded due to severe impaction in his GI tract, which caused him to float. We have made great progress in getting his GI moving again, and he is now sitting on the bottom of the pool and has started eating some dead man fingers sea grass. We have a little bit more to clear out in the intestines, but things are going very well for him. Sage also stranded due to severe impaction in his GI. We have cleared him out completely, and he is also eating some of the dead man fingers sea grass. We are going to observe him for about another week or two and then re-evaluate him for possible release. Nutmeg is hanging in there. He has a severe impaction as well in the GI, and we are still working on getting that cleared out. He has made some progress but has much more to go. He is currently not eating and is getting tube fed 3 times a day with medications.

Faithful readers will remember Ursula, another rescued Green sea turtle (you unfaithful ones can read more in the February 26 and March 12 posts.) Tammy writes: Ursula continues to do well. We are currently keeping an eye on one spot on her plastron and as soon as that heals, she will be released. We will be re-evaluating her in another 2 weeks. Other than that, she's the little piggy in the tank :)
And for good measure, Tammy sent photos of three other rescued sea turtles nursed back to health by the good folks at the MSC, and successfully released - an adult female named Mackensie and two sub-adults, Mallory, and Miles. With a new lease on life, no wonder these turtles are smiling! (Be sure to click on the smaller photos - what beautiful creatures these are.)

As always, thanks to the turtle rescuers and rehabbers and to Tammy for keeping us up-to-date and sending such beautiful and uplifting photos. Turtles going home is cause indeed for a Friday night celebration!

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