Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome Back To Florida, Atlantis

You will recall that Shuttle Atlantis, carrying a crew of seven, recently returned to Earth after an 11-day mission featuring five risky, but successful space walks to service and upgrade the Hubble telescope. Unfortunately, Atlantis was unable to land at the Cape because of rain - much needed rain, but still inconvenient if you're NASA trying to bring Atlantis back safely. So Atlantis landed in California and came back "home" on the back of a converted 747 jumbo jet late yesterday afternoon. Friend Wayne snapped this photo from his yard in Satellite Beach as the mated pair cruised up the beach. Welcome home, Atlantis! The next launch is scheduled for June 13, as Shuttle Endeavour heads for the Space Station. (Photo by Wayne Matchett. Click on photo to enlarge.)

CORRECTION: Jim just called, and I made an egregious error in yesterday's post (now corrected) about the Peninsula Cooter - the MALE is the one with the long nails. They are used to keep him situated during mating. Whatever works.)

Link: Florida Today story (Atlantis return)

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