Friday, July 3, 2009

A good beach story

Ann is on the beach daily as part of her Sea Turtle Preservation Society volunteer efforts, so she sees things that us mainland-bound folks don't. This week, she discovered Chuck, a camera-shy retired fireman who does cool sand sculptures early every morning while he and his wife are in the area. Chuck said it was ok to use the photos of his creations on here, so Ann snapped a photo of the lobster one day, then went back the next day to capture the mermaid. Check out the jewelry and seaweed hairdo on the mermaid - pretty clever! (Click on photos to enlarge.)

We've had problems lately with people digging deep holes in the sand and leaving them - a hazard for beach-goers and sea turtles. Ann was quick to report that Chuck is a responsible beach- goer. He does the sculptures right about at the tide line. He uses a garden type shovel, but the sand he digs up is wet sand down low where there are no turtle nests, and he does not leave a hole. He and his wife are only here for a couple of more days, so the folks around Ocean Landings in Cocoa Beach won't see any more of his scuptures for a while. Meanwhile, we thank Chuck for his artistic talents and Ann for spotting and photographing his creations.

Enjoy the 4th, and remember to give thanks for our freedom and the folks out protecting it. (I'm using Robin Chapman's antique postcard again because I think it is so lovely.)

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great sand sculptures
Happy 4th of July