Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liftoff - the Sixth Time Is the Charm!

STS-127, Space Shuttle Endeavor, carrying a crew of seven, lifted off from Kennedy Space Center at 6:03 tonight, after five previous attempts were foiled by equipment issues or weather. This is a 16-day mission with five spacewalks to complete construction of a laboratory. As always, our appreciation to the astronauts, NASA, and the many contractors involved for pulling off yet another successful launch and to Mother Nature and the east coast seabreeze for keeping the storms inland. (Photo courtesy of NASA TV)

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R.Powers said...

Great! Not many of these left!

Caroline said...

Having watched launches on television since the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo days, boy, would I love to see a real live launch!
My mother used to let us stay home from school to see them go, then take us to class. Never missed a single one.
Huge deal in our family up in northern NY.