Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skimmer Chicks - So Far, So Good

The skimmer chicks hatched over this past weekend, and Margie filed this report last night. As of this morning, there are at least 2 chicks in evidence. They are, at the most, 5 days old. Of the three of us watching them, one saw four, one saw three, and one saw two, or so each of us thought. Phyllis had a spotting scope, so we got a good look at two of them - they were running around quite a bit. I tried some photos, both with a zoom and through the scope. I don't have a good photo yet, but expect to get some soon as the chicks become more active. In the meantime, here's a long zoom photo of two of the chicks. Can you spot them in the blue circle I put around them in the photo? They are only a few inches tall, perfectly camouflaged against the sand, and don't have a long skimmer bill yet. (Click on photo to enlarge)
Thanks to Margie for keeping us up-to-date, and to Phyllis for her diligence in protecting the nests and their occupants.

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Margie said...

There are definitely at least 3 chicks and they are growing very fast. They must grow fast if they can fly at 24 days, which is what I've read. They are still very hard to see in a photo because they are so well camouflaged against the sand background, but I'll keep trying.