Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lightning strikes more than twice

Our state, out of all 50 states, is the lightning capital of the country. The area stretching across central Florida from Tampa to Titusville receives more lightning strikes than any other location in the state. (Hazardous Weather: A Florida Guide)

We've had some bad lightning storms this summer. Did that stop Matt from taking a lightning video at the beach? Nooooo. I asked him why he didn't just hold the tripod above his head and play Ben Franklin. However, since he survived, and since the video is pretty cool, I'm sharing it with you. In the interests of complete disclosure, Matt asked me to mention that this was originally about 10 minutes worth of video, but he edited out the "boring" parts to bring you this short clip:



misti said...

Wow, what a show! I take lightning seriously, especially here in the lightning capital!

DickD said...

Great video, it compliments your great quality site.

Floridacracker said...


Sylvia said...

Great lightning video!