Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a difference a week makes - skimmer update

This just in from Margie: Still three chicks, all growing really, really, really fast. Now two of them are moving out of the posted area every morning and hanging out right in the tire tracks of all the beach vehicles that bypass their sheltered spot (me, turtle patrol, lifeguards, KBB). Sigh. Kids!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure there are more eggs soon to hatch. And not only that, but I actually witnessed two more pairs mating this morning. Or maybe it was just one insatiable pair.

You'll recall these chicks hatched around the 19th of July - a scant18 days ago. I'm glad we don't have to keep them in tennis shoes - we'd go broke keeping up!

As always, our thanks to Margie for keeping us updated and for providing the pix for a skimmer family photo album. (Click photos to enlarge)

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Caroline said...

Skimmers seem to go through that gawky teenager stage just like human kids. :o)