Monday, November 16, 2009

NASA does it again

STS-129, Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off on time today. This 11-day mission carries equipment to the space station and brings back Nicole Stott, who has spent the last two months living on the space station. It is inconceivable to think that there are only five of these launches remaining.

(Photo by NASA)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

I'm looking forward to hosting my Fourth Annual Veteran's Day lunch tomorrow. Attendees will be co-worker veteran friends, and it's always a privilege to honor their former military service. We hold this luncheon at Loreen's Cafe, which is decorated year-around with flags, red, white, and blue, and anything and everything patriotic! (Eagle photo by Jim Angy, illustration by Matt MacQueen)

In the very early days of the Iraq war, I led an effort of co-workers in supporting a Battalion stationed in Iraq that used equipment manufactured by our employer. We did "parties in a box" - a great NFL Kicks off in Iraq party, as well as Halloween, 4th of July, and Christmas parties. Now, several years later, we're getting ready to adopt a platoon in Afganistan, and it's interesting to see the "wants" have not changed that much, except to add hand warmers to the list!
Tomorrow, we'll honor the warfighter, past and present. To all, thank you for your service.