Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little cutie

As best I can tell, critters understand that photographer friend Jim Angy means them no harm, so they just kind of go about their business while he happily snaps away. He dropped off a CD with some 179 images of this Sandhill Crane family, and I quickly grabbed some that made me smile. This particular baby is a natural-born model. (All photos by Jim Angy)

Mom - is that my brother in there?

Whoa - it's a big world out there!

Oh boy - what did I do wrong this time?

I don't think I like this bath stuff!

Now this is what I call a really nice featherbed!

Good night, Mom


Martha Wolfe said...

Wow! Those are wonderful photographs-----how exciting to have such a close look!

Groovy Gal said...

Awwwww! The last one is so adorable! Love the photos!