Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15th Annual Sea-Bean Symposium

Mark your calendars for October 22 and 23 - the 15th annual sea-bean symposium. For those of you new to this blog, you may well ask, what is a sea-bean? As we explain in our Florida Beach Basics DVD, sea-beans are nuts and seeds from trees and vines that grow along water that flows into the ocean. These nuts and seeds fall into the water and reach the ocean currents, where they can float for several years before washing ashore, hopefully on our beaches. (Photo of a coral bean in pod by Jim Angy.)

Brevard County beaches are prime spots for finding sea beans, particularly when we've had a lot of wave action - which we have had and are expecting to have this weekend.

The Symposium is held at the Cocoa Beach Library and features exhibits. speakers, and a bean-a-thon. Every year, it attracts more attendees, and it's always standing room only for the speakers.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the event, I'll post more information about the speakers and events, but I wanted to get on your calendars with this.