Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday, I ate the first tomatoes from my Fall planting. Yummy! The unusually cold nights we've had over the past few weeks really sweetened them up.

A mere 10 weeks ago, Kari Ruder (Naturewise and The Green Marketplace in Cocoa) brought me four heirloom cherry tomato plants in little cups, along with some really smelly fertilizer. I put two plants in each of the two grow boxes I keep in my courtyard, and voila - thanks to Mother Nature and Kari's strong stock (and that fertilizer), I have eight foot tall plants with scads of tomatoes.

I love the grow box approach - once you get it set up, it's just a matter of keeping the reservoir full of water. The screen behind the plants is to cut down the reflection from the building - one year, my plants got fried.
Just look at these little beauties!


Misti said...

I am jealous!

The Florida Blogger said...

If I weren't in the midst of moving I would have planted this fall. I'm glad someone is enjoying some tomatoes.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Misti - nice to hear from you. Your new job sounds pretty exciting!

TFB - moving offers challenges, but "this too shall pass" - you can plant a spring crop.

Caroline said...

When did you EVER plant fall tomatoes in SD?? :o)