Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fly United

We've had a record-breaking invasion of lovebugs this year. For those of you unfamiliar with lovebugs, they swarm twice a year, in April -May and August - September. This year, their swarming is almost like a snowstorm - they are ALL OVER THE PLACE. They don't bite, but they can sure mess up a car in a hurry - their bodies are acidic and thus bad for the paint, and they clog up radiators. They are called lovebugs because during and after mating, they remain coupled, even during flight. This year, instead of staying along the Interstate, they've blanketed the beachside also, and you can imagine what happens if you've just put on sunscreen :) Co-workers from Ohio were down last week, staying at a hotel in Indialantic, and they mentioned that the buildings and pool were covered with them. One of the hotel employees told them that the love bugs were genetically enhanced by the University of Florida to eat mosquitoes - I laughed, as I'd never heard that, and I assured them it was not true. But when I was looking in Wikipedia for some background information on lovebugs, sure enough, that tale is identified as an urban myth! Friend Margie sent the above pix from Cocoa Beach - her buggy covered with bugs, scum lines everywhere a wave left them when the tide started out, and a closeup. As she says, a photo does not do them justice, but you get the idea. (Click to enlarge)

I have not done much except work recently, but fortunately, friends are being more creative. Vickie has done a beautiful, educational, fascinating series about bluebirds. Robin has done a couple of very entertaining stories about the Schwarzenegger flail (the May 17 post is particularly good). Far ends of the spectrum in terms of topic, but both of these ladies are exceptionally good writers, and I hope you'll follow the links in Reference Links below. Carolyn writes her ... hive of silvery bees blog from my home state of South Dakota - few words, but wonderful photos with perfect captions. I particularly enjoyed her post about the Native American ceremony held prior to high school graduation. And Wayne continues to photograph and document our Brevard County wildflowers.

So far so good with Endeavour - we'll look forward to the sonic booms announcing her arrival home May 31. Brevard County has been designated as her permanent home, which will make it doubly special.

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Daisy said...

I was in Florida for the first time ever a month or so ago. In Satellite Beach to be exact. I had never even heard of those love bugs until my visit. I know they don't bite but they still fully creeped me out!