Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rescue Organizations

There are so many worthwhile animal rescue organizations that it's difficult to decide which ones to support. Many of us support local one - for example, I belong to and support our local Sea Turtle Preservation Society. But I also admire and support a horse rescue organization in Washington State that I learned about from Cactus Jack Splash (see Reference Links below).

A few months ago, friend Marilyn, traveled to Colombia to learn more about the Cotton-top Tamarin Monkey rescue foundation. When next we met, she brought along two items the rescue foundation sells as fundraisers - a mochila (a traditional bag used in Columbia shown here) crafted by hand from recycled plastic bags (I've ordered mine), and a stuffed toy tamarin. Last week, she forwarded their newsletter. This is an interesting study/rescue effort, with some impressive credentials and sponsors, and I think you'll enjoy reading about it. See Reference Links below for a link to their excellent web site. As their home page notes, Cotton-top Tamarins are an endangered species of primate found only in the tropical forests of Colombia. Interesting stuff, and gives us a perspective about the need to conserve species world-wide. (Images from Proyecto Titi web site)

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