Saturday, August 4, 2012

A good Saturday

What a pleasant Saturday - learned new things and ate yummy food with good friends.  Every Saturday should be this good!

David McRee recently updated his FREE downloadable ebook, Beach Survival Guide.  This little gem provides easy-to-understand information on how to be safe from sharks,jellyfish, stingrays, ripcurrents (and more).  He's developed a most informative, interesting presentation that he gave at the Cocoa Beach Library today.  Margie Mitchell and I were in attendance, and afterward David, his wife Sue, Margie, and I had a delightful long lunch at Slow and Low, a favorite bbq place in Cocoa Beach.   David will be participating in the annual Sea Bean Symposium in October, and I hope he will give the same presentation then, as it was just full of good information about beach awareness. 

You can download the ebook from either his blog or his web site

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Caroline said...

Beach sounds pretty darn good to me today, I have peaches to can and it is supposed to be 98. Always happens.
It is Rally Week, should have known :o)