Monday, October 1, 2012

Hank for Senate

Had lunch yesterday with friend Marilyn, and she introduced me to Hank for Senate.  Before you curl your lip and exit this post, please understand that Hank is a Maine Coon Cat.  As one who frequently tells co-workers that her African Grey could conduct a better meeting than some of them, you won't be surprised at my whole-hearted endorsement of Hank.

The web site for Hank for Senate is a beauty - stunning pictures, very clever writing. And if you've ever had a cat, you can well appreciate how much time and skill went in to getting the lovely photographs.  You can order bumper stickers, yard signs, etc - and the best part is that proceeds go to help animal rescue efforts. 

So for a little light-hearted break from this season's vitriolic campaigns, visit Hank for Senate.
(Photo copied from Hank's site)

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