Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RIP Charlie Corbeil

Charlie Corbeil died this morning.

Charlie was a retired business executive and an award-winning, talented wildlife photographer. He and his wife Charlotte traveled extensively, and his web site has his beautiful pictures from all over. But for me, Charlie was Mr. Viera Wetlands. He loved the Wetlands and was active in the development of Friends of Viera Wetlands. The sign at the entrance includes one of his photos. Charlie could be found there every morning and every evening, taking pictures and checking up on things.

Several years ago, I introduced Charlie to a friend who at the time was the editor of Viera Voice, a local monthly newspaper. Since then, every issue has had one of Charlie's photos in it. Viera Voice took it to the next level and produced a charming video featuring Charlie in the Wetlands. I was amazed at how "un-nervous" Charlie was - and his love of the area and the inhabitants came through loud and clear!

Charlie was unfailingly generous with his time and his photos. If you search for Charlie Corbeil on this blog, you'll find examples of this generosity - gorgeous shots. In my other blog, Space Coast Eco, you'll read about my "field trips" to Viera Wetlands that Charlie guided. Faithful readers will remember that my living room/dining room floor is a mural of Viera Wetlands. Charlie provided numerous photos for Frankie Rao (the mural artist) to use during the project.

I think Vince Lamb said it best in his email telling me of Charlie's death: I feel so fortunate to have known him. RIP Charlie.

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